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Meat Trapper made me famous!

Dang, Tim Roper just made me famous! Well, I don't know what to say. Thanks Tim! I love to trap, hunt, fish and forage for food. I love too cook and I love to eat - it is my family tradition going way back. Tim is a better trapper and hunter than I'll ever be... probably even a better angler. So, I'll swap a bit of cooking knowledge for his wisdom any day.

PS here is my FB Southern food group that Tim mentioned if anyone is interested:

A primer on cooking tender small game

All critters are different, but most times small game doesn't need tenderizing at all if it is handled right and cooked right.  The quality of meat always depends on how an animal lives, dies, is handled in the field and handled before cooking.  A lean animal that has had to work hard to eat or breed may be tough.  I also believe that an animal that is heavily stressed before it is killed has all kinds of stress hormones in its system that cause the meat to toughen and even taste bad - can't prove that, but I think it is true and it is one of the best reasons to trap you small game rather than hunt with dogs.  A critter in a trap won't be happy, but it won't be running and getting hot either.  Gut and skin your game as quickly as possible.  Cool the meat down and keep it dry.  Those are the basic rules I follow.

Now, to address toughness.  You can think of meat fibers like rubber bands.  You want them to relax so as not to be tough, but have the good, satisfying chew be…