A different sort of pepper sauce

Often, I want the flavor of a pepper sauce without the vinegar/fermented taste of Tabasco, Texas Pete, Louisiana, Franks, etc or the heat of a Mexican sauce like El Yucateca (which is my favorite hot pepper sauce), and not a sauce made from dried or roasted peppers. I love those in the right combination, but some times, I want a less hot or acidic taste. I want the fresh, green flavor, enhanced by making a sauce. I have come up with a wine and fresh pepper sauce:
Take the peppers of your choice... cubanelles. anaheim, poblano, wax, banana, peperoncini, cherry, bell, baby bell.... anything from sweet to a bit hot. Remove the seeds and stems.
Toss them in a blender or food processor or along with a few cloves of garlic, onions, scallions or shallots, a good handful of parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Add to this about a half cup of white wine. If you use chardonnay, or another low acid white, add a splash of lemon or lime juice. If you use a wine with sparkling acidity like a good sauvignon blanc, you may skip it. A sweeter wine needs some lime juice and some zest.
Tailor it to your taste. I love this stuff. I find myself adding it to stewed tomatoes, topping baked or roasted chicken and pork... with beans... as a rub for red meats. It is particularly good with mutton and game. Sometimes I mix in some mustard, I have also mixed it into a cream sauce, along with some pureed red leaf lettuce and served over pasta. Generally, just all around good stuff.


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