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Forgotten Feast: SNAILS.... Real "Slow Food"

Due to the current el nino weather pattern, it certainly doesn't feel like December 28. The ditches are full of frogs, the birds are singing, mushrooms are popping up.... and snails are still active.  Few people in the south (actually, none I've ever met) eat snails, which is a shame.  Although the south is literally covered in the garden ravaging common brown snail, it is not native.  The common brown snail (Cornu aspersum) was brought here by early immigrants to be raised as food.

I am not sure where I first heard about eating brown snails.... obviously, I heard about escargot being served in restaurants most of my life - in fact, my parents carried canned escargot in their grocery store when I was a child - and several recipes appeared in the cookbooks on my mother's shelf.  Those snails though are larger and the shell prettier, so they make good restaurant fare.  However, I distinctly recall watching a program when I was around age 10, from which I learned that in many …