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In the 24 hours or so since I have relaunched this blog, I have received a good deal of much appreciated praise. Some of y'all seem to really like it and that is tremendously gratifying.  However, no one has officially "followed" the blog as of yet.  500+ folks have read it... but none have committed to receiving the very occasionally update by email.  If you like my blog, please follow it.  I promise not to fill your inbox with anything but the very occasional new post.  Once I get a few followers, google will do a bit to promote the blog so others can find it.  So, this is somewhat necessary for success. If you wish, you can also"like" the Facebook page for my blog:  Either way, I'd truly appreciate it!  As I stated before, if 100 people follow my blog I will keep going and if 1,000 people follow it I will write a cookbook.


  1. Click “Join this site” at the top right hand corner. Thanks!


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