Day 2 - surf fishing at Holden Beach, NC

It is really too early in the season, by at least a month, but I did have a little luck yesterday.  I saw a lot of fish - spots, large blues and even a huge sailfish or marlin that jumped a couple of times about 200 yards out.  The pelicans and gulls were catching lots of fish. I spent two hours yesterday having my bait (shrimp) stolen by pinfish.  I finally caught one and cut it up for bait.  I caught two small blues on a double (spot) rig.

I'm trying to get used to two new rod and reel combinations, and am making an absolute fool of myself.   I mostly got the hang of the 9 foot surf rod yesterday - most casts 50-75 yards.  Starting out though, I was having trouble casting even 30 yards and had some major bird nests on the reel with the 30 lb braid  line I'm using.  It is a new rod, old reel and I'm far more used to mono filament line.  The braid feels very light.

Today, I'm going to try to use the 13 foot rod and big reel.  It is a ridiculously big, heavy, "Hatteras Heaver" that I bought "just in case" because it was on sale and too good a deal to pass up.  This will hopefully only be comical.  I tried casing it the other night, but my release was a little off.  A few inches of the shock leader fell off the spool before the line went out and wrapped around the bottom of the spool.  So, when I let go, only a couple of feet of line went off the reel, then it stopped sharply.  The weight of the rig and the huge rod, will all of the momentum of a cast, nearly threw me face down int he water and left me with a very sore shoulder!

With a view like this though, who could complain?


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