That's What I Like 'Bout the South!

A great Southern anthem... and it s all about food!  Written by Andy Razaf in about 1930. 

Razaf was born in DC, after his parents fled Madagascar; he was nephew of  Queen Ranavalona, III.  He also wrote "In The Mood", "Ain't Misbehavin'", and several other swing standards of the big band era.

Here is Bob Wills' Texas Playboys version, because BOB WILLS IS STILL THE KING!  You've got to hear Eldon Shamblin's guitar break on this one...

Aside from being a great songwriter, he sure knew his food (Is it any wonder that Fats Waller, a legendary eater and drinker, recorded so many of his songs?).... makes me hungry just to listen!: 

Won't you come with me to Alabamy
Let's go see my dear old mammy
She's frying eggs and broilin' hammy
That's what I like about the south

Now there you can make no mistaky
Where those? never shaky
Ought to taste her layer cakey
That's what I like about the south

She's got big ribs and candied yams
Oh, sugar cured Virginia hams
Basements full of those berry jams
And that's what I like about the south

Hot cornbread and black-eyed peas
You can eat as much as you please'
Cause it's never out of season
That's what I like about the south

Here is Phil Harris' version - his was the original.  Does Phil Harris remind anyone else of Brother Dave Gardner?


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